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All data visualized by Odokus / Odokus m is collected and securely transfered by our data logger hardware and or your smart phone.

Odokus m

Need a quick look at your fleet, Machine status or want to assign a job to one of your co workers? On the go?

Odokus Web

A full sized Farm Management System that runs right in your browser. No matter if you're using Windows®, Mac® or Linux.'

Dedicated support

If you're experiencing any trouble using Odokus or need help setting up your account - We're here to help.

Short Introduction

Everything at a glance, odokus contains four modules.

  • Hardware to collect data from your devices and machines (Data-Logger / Smartphone)
  • Our servers that receive, analyse and backup data from your loggers
  • Software that gives you easy access to all your data
  • Interfaces so you or third party applicaton- and hardware developers can expand the odokus plattform

Hansenhof Data Logger

Take a look at our Data Loggers


  • Highly cost effective
  • Internal high performance GPS antenna
  • Mounted directly in cabin


  • 3 Inputs / 2 Inputs + CAN-Bus
  • Internal/ extternal GPS antennas available
  • Available with "economical" or "rugged" housing
  • Additional module with 13 I/Os or CAN / Bluetooth Interface


  • Universal ISO 11783 Data logging
  • ISOBUS Data Logger / Task Controller functionality
  • Additional CAN-Bus logging of machine data
  • 10 Data Inputs
  • 8 Data Outputs
  • External High Performance GPS Antenna
  • Standard "rugged" housing

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iOS iPhone / iPad Application

Learn more about what odokus m could do for You

In App Modules

Customizable App modules

Data Export

Export Informations with the tip of your finger

HR Modules

Use odokus as time or gps tracker

Quick Support

Need help? We are there for you!

Activity Logs

Create Machine logs for custom time spans


GPS Awareness

Know where your Machines, Drivers and implements are


Get Turn by Turn navigation to where your machine is right now.

Intuitive Statistics

What was the efficiency yesterday compared to...

Weather on-the-go

Get Notifications about how the weather was.

And many more!

Even more inApp modules are on its way!


Read what customers and testers are saying

happy customer

"Lovin this App! I even track the daily usage of my car! And since I can create logs after driving, i cannot forget to hit the rec button."

- Johannes Dürr. 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"Got it to see on my phone where the harvester is while i'm on my way to the truck. Helped a lot this season. Regular update are cool. introduced some new bugs but fixes followed fast"

- Andrei. 5/5 Stars!


See what's included in the App

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Browser App (Video)

A Picture can tell you more than 1.000 words would do.
Well, then lets try 30 pictures a second for 3 minutes to show you what we are talking about!

Every Aspect of your farm

Using Odokus web, you gain acces to all information you need and want!


Track and analyze when and where wich machine worked at wich performance. Analyse fuel consumption, optimize application and yield rates. But using odokus and odokus mobile, you can even profit of additional modules like the team assistent which enables your workers to access live data on their smart devices to know how to do their best in no time.


Manage your human resources more carefully. Monitor staff and grant them a more flexible and balanced load.


Have a deep insight what the current state of your machines is. Plan inspectation and service routines accordingly to the data the machines provide without leaving your desk. It's never been easier to prevent unnecessary and expensive repairs than with odokus web.

Additional Modules

Having Interfaces for third party applications, developers and other manufacturers, Odokus can be extended
to benefit even more.

Get App

Odokus m is available for test-customers now. Check back soon for our public release!

Available soon for
Apple iOS


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